Why a pop-by is still a great idea

February 25, 2019

Real estate professionals may not rely on pop-bys as much as they used to, but they're still effective for building and maintaining relationships.

With that in mind, maybe the most important aspect of a good pop-by is for agents not to show their hand too much, according to Inman. For drop-bys involving prospective clients, agents would be wise to simply introduce themselves and tell a little bit about their professional experience in the area, but also ask people about themselves, their work, hobbies and whether they have any aspirations related to real estate.

This is known as the "FORD" method, and it can be quite effective when it comes to keeping the topic light on a first introduction. However, for dealing with past clients, this probably isn't necessary, since they already know who you are, and might be happy just to catch up.

Of course, the classic standby for any such visit is to come bearing gifts, and March provides plenty of opportunities, according to Pop-By Ideas. For instance, some candy or other snacks themed around St. Patrick's Day could be a good move, but so could an umbrella branded with the agent's name, or some cleaning products ahead of spring cleaning could be smart as well.

As with any other relationship-building efforts, agents should think about what has resonated with clients in the past and approach a pop-by as simply a great way to meet people, rather than an opportunity for them to make a bit of a hard sell.