What should agents keep in mind about sales as the holidays approach?

November 8, 2018

The market changes a lot as the year winds down, and real estate professionals need to keep a few things in mind about December's realities. That includes what buyers are looking for at this time of year, and how agents can make sure their selling clients are putting their best foot forward.

Perhaps the biggest thing to keep in mind when the holidays roll around that homeowners want to be festive around the season, but may need guidance from agents as to what's acceptable to display, according to the Hartford Courant. There's certainly a good balance to strike here between being a blank slate and allowing occupants to celebrate the season. Tasteful, non-personalized decorations might even help sellers and agents create a welcoming atmosphere that allows shoppers to really picture themselves in the property for this time next year.

With that in mind, it's also a good idea for anyone with a fireplace to make sure they have a nice little fire going for any open house. This is an already-attractive feature that can help make a main gathering room feel that much cozier when temperatures start to drop.

Attention to detail
It's also important for owners to make sure they're getting as much light into their homes as possible, especially with the days still getting shorter. That means any open house should be held during the day, with window shades or blinds wide open, and plenty of lights on in every room. Of course, that kind of exposure also means homeowners may have to do more to keep every nook and cranny of their home clean enough to impress even the most attentive visitor.

Similarly, making sure there's not a lot of holiday clutter (wrapping paper, gifts that need to be delivered, etc.) in any room of the house can help ensure would-be buyers are sufficiently free to roam.

Unique opportunities
However, while there are a lot of things that might create extra work for homeowners at this time of year, there are some other aspects of the season that can actually pay off for them, according to HGTV. For instance, taking care to complement already-attractive parts of the home - beautiful banisters on the main staircase, large mantles and so on - with some boughs of holly or other ornamentation can really draw a guest's eye to something that's worth highlighting.

Likewise, homes rarely look as good - at any time of year - as they do when they're all lit up for the holiday season. Some tasteful all-white outdoor lighting around windows and doorways, for instance, can combine nicely with some floodlights that illuminate the front of the home at night. That way, when someone drives by the house with the for-sale sign in the front yard, they can be wowed immediately by the curb appeal.

When homeowners and their agents collaborate on a great vision for making a house more attractive, even during the holidays, their odds of getting through the real estate sales process as quickly and easily as possible increase dramatically.