What goals should agents have for marketing at this time of year?

November 8, 2018

Setting expectations as the end of the year approaches is vital for real estate agents, because it allows them to plan for both their near- and long-term success. Often, they can start with a simple review of what their business has looked like of late, and where general trends in the industry seem to indicate things are headed as the calendar year winds down.

For instance, agents in just about every market have seen rather tight inventories of homes for sale and, despite decades worth of seasonal trends, no real abatement in interest among would-be buyers - particularly millennials looking to buy lower-priced homes, according to Placester. That could mean that the time is now to start pitching marketing efforts toward current homeowners, especially those living in properties that would make good starter homes for first-time buyers.

What it's all about
Indeed, for any agent, the focus shouldn't be so much on getting results in the next couple of weeks, but rather on how an agent's expertise can help both buyers and sellers whenever they're looking to get into the market. However, it can be a good idea to highlight that the winter months are usually some of the most fortuitous to make a purchase simply because fewer people are shopping; those who are selling may have had their homes on the market for months - therefore more eager to get a deal done.

And while many owners may not be willing to put their properties up for sale less than a month before the year comes to an end, it can be helpful for agents to simply plant the seed now and wait until spring for the market to loosen up again so that they're positioned well to re-connect.

Thinking about new opportunities
Meanwhile, now is also a good time for agents to revisit their lists of leads and past clients alike and see what chances they might have to forge better relationships, according to DC Title Guy. The holiday season can provide a great opportunity to send greetings to people who haven't been contacted in quite some time, just to try to rekindle an existing relationship and see if those people might be more interested in making a deal in the weeks or months ahead.

Again, while few may be yearning for the opportunity to get into the market as soon as possible, agents can still show that this is a good time to start thinking about getting into the market, so that all involved can hit the ground running once the traditional buying and selling season starts up again.

Simply put, the best type of marketing in December is the kind that's forward-looking more so than anything else. That helps ensure agents can still facilitate real estate sales with existing clients, but also have enough time to lay the groundwork for future business and still fulfill their responsibilities in their personal lives that crop up at this time of year.