Tech trends keep shifting, impacting real estate

October 5, 2018

So much is happening in the industry's tech these days that it's hard for even diligent real estate professionals to fully keep up. However, understanding where the industry is going will help agents deal with emerging trends before they even emerge.

One area to concentrate on is the way in which the blockchain - which gets a lot of buzz but perhaps not as much understanding these days - is starting to be applied to many aspects of the real estate sales business, according to Forbes. Simply put, the blockchain is all about providing more security, transparency and efficiency It therefore has a number of practical applications in real estate.

What consumers want
While blockchain is a behind-the-scenes change that will likely make agents' lives easier, there are also consumer-facing issues to consider. For instance, developing tech as it applies to the kinds of things people want in the houses they buy - specifically, features like home assistants, "smart" connected electronics from the kitchen to the living room and so on - are all increasingly in-demand among consumers, requiring additional agent strategizing.

Why it's important
The more agents can do to get a handle on tech, the more likely they will be to specifically connect with millennials and Generation Z as they come of age and prepare to enter the housing market, Forbes noted. Even things like virtual reality, which are just starting to be experimented with in a serious way, could go from a fun curiosity to the industry norm over the next few years.