Sketch out the basics for 2019 marketing

December 10, 2018

While the sales season is still a few months away, agents should be hard at work on the plans for all their marketing efforts for the year ahead. Coming up with a basic plan - without nailing down the details quite yet - can go a long way for any real estate professional.

Having a marketing plan for the next several months at least written out well in advance helps agents in a number of ways, not the least of which is giving them a greater ability to budget properly, according to Market Leader. This effort should therefore begin with coming up with at least a loose idea of what goals agents have for the year ahead, based on their own experience and industry projections for market strength.

Of course, any marketing efforts these days more or less have to include both real-world and online components. That fact gives agents lots of creative license to find ways to tie these efforts together instead of keeping them siloed off from one another. In fact, considering a branding overhaul may be an ideal pursuit at this time of year in particular.

A focus on social?
Indeed, if agents are trying to reach more people with the annual real estate sales season approaching, it might be smart to hone in their social media presence as part of that brand overhaul, according to Tech Abide. Often, social is the "handshake" people make with agents online, meaning that's their first introduction, so making those pages a critical part of a marketing plan is always going to be a good idea.