Simple holiday marketing ideas, online and in the real world

November 8, 2018

Marketing in the holiday season doesn't have to be that difficult, and real estate professionals should make simple plans as other parts of their lives get busier. The fact is that as the month gets closer to Christmas, it's not just agents who probably have too much on their plates - so do their intended audiences.

So as with most other issues related to this time of year, getting out in front of any marketing effort as soon after Dec. 1 as possible is always a good idea, according to Entrepreneur. One of the biggest obstacles agents will face in doing so, however, is that everyone else has the same idea. So the question becomes one that's as much about how to stand out in the first place as it is what to say.

Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is to create a sense of urgency. For instance, having a countdown clock that lets potential buyers know how much time they have left to buy before the end of the year (and therefore lock in some tax benefits) could compel them to try to close a deal before Dec. 31.

'Tis the season
Of course, it's also smart to make sure all marketing efforts get that holiday-season pitch applied to them. That can mean something as simple as including snowflake or Santa Claus emoji in the subject line of an email marketing pitch, or as involved as making specific holiday-themed videos to share on social media.

To that end, it's also important to have a good strategy in place for how to engage with people throughout the holiday season. Agents, just like everyone else, have plenty to do at this time of year, so if they get an unanswered email, Facebook message or text , it's understandable but not advisable.

Get into the spirit
Meanwhile, it's important to give all social media profiles a good once-over to make sure they're meeting the holiday spirit of everyone who visits the page, according to Mav Social. That means swapping out standard graphics for something with more of a holiday theme, even if it's just the picture from an agent's family card this year. Along similar lines, holiday-themed posts can also get some fun hashtags attached so they appear in people's social searches more easily.

It's also wise for agents to boost engagement by perhaps running giveaways or contests that can get people engaged on social media or in the real world, with offerings of gift cards to local restaurants and shops among the potential prizes. That can really help pique people's interests even if many may not be thinking about real estate at this time of year.

While agents will understandably see a wind-down in their business as the end of the year approaches, there are always people looking to buy or sell. All it may take at this time of year is a little extra effort and thinking outside the box a bit.