Should agents invest in photography without experience?

December 10, 2018

Beautiful photography is always necessary for great listings. With that in mind, agents might be wise to try their own hands at the effort, and there's plenty of good advice out there about how to invest.

Beginner photographers can often find high-quality cameras for just a few hundred dollars, and related equipment usually doesn't cost much either, according to Forbes. Moreover, today's photo editing software - even the bare-bones options that are available at low or no cost online - makes it easy for an amateur to improve the quality of just about any shot they've taken.

Do the homework
To that end, it's smart for agents to look into a number of camera options now - before the buying and selling season begins in earnest - because while some people might have a little bit of amateur experience, it's a different step to start taking photos for business.

Experts also broadly agree that one common issue is worth noting here: Assuming a smartphone camera's quality is good enough for marketing purposes is probably a mistake.

Getting it right
The fact is that even agents who give themselves plenty of lead time don't have as many hours as they might want to properly shoot a listing, according to Home Light. As a consequence, a camera of higher than average quality is a worthy investment because it makes every picture just a little easier to work with, especially if agents have a "shot list" from which they can work on just about any listing.