Real estate tech becoming more popular with homebuyers

July 12, 2018

These days, it's not just enough for real estate professionals to have a passing understanding of the tech in their field. Increasingly, buying clients expect their agents to be tech savvy and that might require some industry veterans to look into the emerging options that might be able to help both them and their clients through the real estate sales process.

More than one-third of all people who worked with a real estate agent as part of their homebuying efforts said they wished their agents had done more to utilize available technology to make that process go more smoothly, according to a recent survey from The availability of various apps and other software that could potentially make it easier to coordinate with clients and otherwise make communication go more smoothly means client expectations continue to shift toward convenience.

A closer look
For instance, almost half of those polled said they wanted their agents to do a better job of keeping track of appointments and other important events (like open houses) within a single portal, so all involved would know where to be and when. Nearly as many said they would have liked to be able to schedule events like showings through an online option without having to contact the agent to talk about lining up times. 

Finally, close to one-third of buyers polled said they wanted more communication with their agents conducted via mobile app, the survey found. Especially in today's hyper-competitive market, that kind of flexibility can go a long way.

"With tight housing inventory in many markets, home buyers have become even savvier in their research and how they work with their agent," said Dario Cardile, vice president of growth marketing at "With technology and mobile applications having revolutionized other industries, home buyers are now seeking brokers that keep them more organized and efficient with cutting-edge technology and tools and make their home search even easier."

Getting it right
When agents are trying to evaluate what technology they should try to adopt or learn more about, listening to client preferences should certainly be involved, according to Realtor Magazine. However, these agents must also consider their own needs, budget and other issues that will inform which avenues to pursue. Not all platforms and apps will work for every agent, but thinking about their challenges and past client feedback will at least inform the direction of their research into available options that will meet those potentially pressing needs.

In general, apps or programs that take away some of the more tedious duties agents may have on their weekly schedules - such as organizing client or lead data - can go a long way toward not only saving time, but also creating more flexibility for themselves going forward. Plus, whatever technology they decide to adopt could even be used as a selling point when talking to potential new clients as well.