Quick and easy real estate video tips

September 18, 2018

A few small changes can make real estate professionals' video marketing efforts more effective. Often, all it takes is a little know-how and a few tweaks to current techniques.

One of the most important things for agents to consider is what equipment they're using, according to Wistia. If they're still sticking with hand-held cameras, it might be wise to invest in a tripod, and if they're shooting videos on their phones, upgrading to a GoPro or other similarly low-cost professional camera can be a great idea.

A clearer picture
Having attractive video elements is, of course, a big part of video marketing, but that actually starts before one second of footage is shot. Instead, agents should carefully plan every shot in advance, and make sure they set up the rooms in which they plan to record for optimal video conditions, with great lighting and relatively little outside sound.

Get it right
Once a video has been shot, some agents might be tempted to just throw it online quickly to get it out there, according to Elliman. However, it's almost always a better idea to take that footage into a video editing program and adjust several aspects of it. For instance, if videos are more than two or three minutes long, they should be edited down - and this is another area where planning in advance is a good idea.

Similarly, if agents can add some attractive features like text and music, the videos might be a little more engaging for their audiences.