Now is the time to revisit safety strategies

May 3, 2018

With so much activity in the housing market these days, it can be easy for agents and brokers to take on too much work. As such, it's vital for brokers to train their real estate professionals on proper safety techniques to help them going forward.

Before the spring and summer shopping seasons truly ramp up, it's critical for brokers to set aside time to train agents on safety needs in a way that's engaging and informative, according to Realtor Magazine. There's a real value to this kind of training, not just because it keeps agents safe and healthy as their business activity increases at this time of year but, in doing so, also ensures no one on the team misses a beat in the real estate sales process or has to pick up slack elsewhere when accidents happen.

Crafting a plan
Every region - and indeed, every brokerage - has its own unique safety needs. The issues affecting agents in a major city are likely to be significantly different from those affecting agents who work primarily in suburban or rural settings. To this end, brokers need to think about what potential problems they've encountered in the past, and how they may be able to train agents to better avoid them going forward.

Once brokers know what they need to address with their teams, it becomes incumbent to connect with the right training instructor whose expertise matches the concerns, and find a way to tell compelling stories that will help agents understand what will be needed of them. Brokers should also be prepared to provide resources - including more information or, in certain instances, safety equipment - to ensure agents can put what they learned in the training sessions into everyday practice.

Basic tips
Additionally, brokers should also make sure agents have a strong refresher on the basics of on-the-job safety, such as making sure to meet with prospective clients in public places and not carrying too many expensive accessories or tech (such as jewelry and electronics) in public, according to Acuity Insurance. In addition, it's vital for agents to stay in regular communication regarding their whereabouts with teammates, brokers and other staffers. It may even be smart to have code words that can quickly and easily let co-workers know if something is amiss and needs to be dealt with.

Some brokers might also be wise to get agents involved with self-defense training, simply to ensure that, even if there are dangerous situations, they may be able to protect themselves, the report said. The added confidence this can give agents in certain situations may be a strong positive that lasts for years, and can be among the more popular safety training options that brokers offer.

When brokers consider the various types of training they can provide their agents, safety should absolutely be among them. With sales activity increasing in the spring, even a basic look back can go a long way for the brokerage as a whole.