Now is the time to re-train agents on marketing

February 25, 2019

Many real estate professionals have the basics of marketing themselves and their listings down to something of a science. However, it's always a good idea for brokers to make sure they are training for the best emerging ideas, especially ahead of the spring.

The first and most important place to start in this regard relates to online marketing, according to Chatter Buzz. After all, 80 percent of all would-be homebuyers start their searches online, so agents need to be extremely visible through just about any web portal. But they also need to know what's moving the needle when it comes to online ads in particular these days.

What's popular?
Perhaps the best way to gain more traction online is to be actively engaged on social media and cultivate an authentic level of expertise that is reflected in every post and public interaction. Make no mistake, any would-be buyer or seller who's looking for an agent for the first time will probably take a close look at the prospective agent's social media profile. When real estate professionals come across as personable, real people, they're far more likely to generate business.

Another great way to help people associate a professional's name with expertise delivered in a friendly, helpful manner is through video marketing. When agents star in their own videos - whether they're explaining some basics of the local market or guiding viewers through a listing - they are more likely to come across as approachable and authentic, which is vital in today's market.

That may be especially true if they can find creative approaches to making, posting and sharing content in a unique voice that those considering buying or selling are interested in.

Things to keep in mind
It's also wise for brokers to tie their training efforts to current market trends overall, according to 360 Training. For example, many young people are entering the market for the first time these days and it of course makes sense to cater to the preferences of this demographic. This might include showing off smaller listings that are more likely to be in their price range, or homes with high-tech features young adults in particular might love.

Of course, for agents who are more interested in connecting with would-be sellers, that might mean reaching out to a different demographic altogether, and highlighting the benefits of getting into the market now while mortgage rates are still relatively low and home price appreciation is slowing down. The fact of the matter is that now is a great time to sell and those who are on the fence may need to be enticed to put their houses up for sale by friendly, relatable marketing.

There probably aren't many experienced agents who don't think their marketing is effective, but there's always room to consider areas of improvement, especially when the new buying and selling season is just around the corner. Discussing some issues now will help get everyone on the same page.