New methods for connecting with clients can go a long way

March 21, 2017

As technology becomes easier to use and more portable, there are plenty of practical applications for a variety of new communication methods and ways of staying organized. That can provide a huge benefit for real estate professionals in particular, because it allows them to more effectively stay in touch with their clients throughout the busy spring shopping season, and keep any appointments they happen to make.

Perhaps the biggest game-changer in communication options these days is Slack, which many people use for work already, according to a report from Agent EDU. For agents and brokers alike, the ability to communicate using this platform is a significant benefit because it keeps all internal communications in one place, rather than spreading it across email, texts and phone calls. Moreover, though, agents may be able to use the platform to communicate with their clients in certain cases, which once again adds to the organization they enjoy.

Keeping track of appointments
Meanwhile, it's also easy for agents to find tools that help them keep track of where they need to be and what they need to have when they get there, such as Evernote or OmniFocus. These allow agents to set reminders for themselves about everything they need, and they can keep it all in one app that's easy to use. Once they get into the habit of putting all the necessary information into these apps, they quickly become second nature, and indispensable.

Many apps, including Evernote, also allow agents to quickly digitize any documents they may encounter during the real estate sales process, and some - like HelloSign - even allow clients to electronically sign off on documents. HelloSign also integrates with documents in Evernote, allowing for even more synergy and ease of use across those platforms.

What about automation?
Agents may have heard plenty in the past year or two about the ways in which automation can help them achieve their various business goals with greater ease. As long as it's done right, these kinds of options can quickly pay dividends for agents, according to Adwerx. The more that can be done to set up automated workflows that ensure agents see emails all the necessary communications and documents they need to do their jobs - whether that's via email and Slack or Dropbox and social media - the better off they will be when it comes to staying on top of needs they may have. 

In general, it's a good idea for agents to keep their eyes out for emerging tech options that might help them do business as effectively as possible on an ongoing basis. Fortunately, more apps and other types of software are being developed all the time to meet those needs. It might be wise for real estate pros to put a special focus on mobility and ease of use for these platforms, because if they can do their jobs more effectively on the go, it potentially gives them a lot more flexibility to meet clients' needs.