Master your real estate photography

March 15, 2019

A great photo can be the make-or-break factor behind someone clicking on a home listing. Here's how to make your real estate photography stand out:

Color-correct and fix the brightness

The key to any good real estate photo, first and foremost, is having the right editing software, according to Phixer. In such a program - which you should be prepared to pay for - you will be able to fiddle with settings to make your photo really pop.

Line it up

Another crucial aspect of making sure photos look as good as possible is making sure the lines in them - doorways, halls, window frames, etc. - are totally straight. You should strive to achieve this at the shoot, by using a tripod or other means of securing the camera, but if not, it's critical to ensure photos are rotated in the editing software so that all lines are at 90-degree angles.

Use the right camera

You don't have to invest in a camera that costs thousands of dollars, but it's vital to have a high-quality option and a few lenses, according to Fix the Photo. Shopping around and reading reviews will help you find one in your price range that is considered excellent by pro photographers.

Additional equipment

Many professional photographers have a whole bag of tricks beyond just the right camera and lighting. They also have step stools or small ladders to get pictures from higher, better angles, and that can go a long way for any amateur photographer.