Marketing ideas for Memorial Day

April 8, 2019

In a lot of ways, Memorial Day is usually considered the unofficial start of summer. Agents might want to start thinking about their marketing plans for Memorial Day Weekend and beyond, as a means of getting attention from hopeful buyers and sellers at a time when the market is friendly for both sides.

One of the best marketing ideas you might be able to take advantage of on Memorial Day weekend is by capitalizing on one of the holiday's biggest traditions: the backyard barbecue, according to Home Value Leads. Hosting a cookout event either in the parking lot at your agency's physical location or, more enticingly, as part of a scheduled open house for a selling client can be a great idea. Agents can attract a lot of interest with the promise of free hot dogs and cold drinks.

Get involved
Along similar lines to hosting a public outing, it's also a good idea to simply get your name - or that of your agency or brokerage - out to the public. Whether that's sponsoring some aspect of the local youth baseball tournament over the weekend or volunteering to help work at the city Memorial Day parade, it's important to show that real estate professionals aren't just in the business for themselves, but active and engaged members of their community.

In addition, agents that want to present themselves as truly looking to help their current and future clients might want to hold workshops on the weekend, one for buyers and the other for sellers. This will help interested parties see your people skills and real estate expertise live and in person, engendering more trust in your ability to help them get the best possible deal - from either side of a transaction.

Promotional ideas
Because so many people are already interested in getting into the real estate market at this time of year, it's also important for agents to make sure the people who click on their sites also have reason to get in touch, according to For Sale Marketing. Promotional campaigns - such as free giveaways for people who come in for a consultation or sign up for an email list - or a social media contest could help people become a bit more engaged with what you're offering on your social pages or email lists. That's true not only for Memorial Day weekend, but potentially several months or more to come.

By the same token, you might consider referral bonuses for past clients, who might be likely to recommend you to friends or family anyway. Giving them that little extra incentive could go a long way toward keeping leads coming in all summer long.

Of course, agents should always strive to be creative with their promotional efforts, while finding something that makes sense for their personal style and approach to the real estate sales process overall. The more they can do to tailor their marketing to their own skills and personality, the more likely potential leads will be to connect with them on an ongoing basis.