Make St. Patrick's Day part of your March marketing strategy

February 25, 2019

It can be fun for agents to come up with some marketing ideas around St. Patrick's Day to help them stand out from the local crowd.

The trick to such a marketing effort, however, is simply finding a unique perspective, because many agents already plan a lot of their March marketing around the holiday, according to Zurple. To that end, agents might have to think outside the box, such as by hosting an event on or around the holiday, which this year falls on a Sunday.

That could be something like a charity bingo night or raffle, though it might also make sense to simply sponsor and volunteer at an existing local event that weekend.

But even if you go with a more traditional marketing route - such as mailers or online ads - you might still have to be a bit more clever than usual, according to Reamark. Coming up with some fun St. Patrick's Day puns could be the interesting twist that makes your ad stand out a little, especially if it's presented in bright, bold colors.

Of course, agents should always rely on their instincts and experience to inform any marketing decision. If they've found success with certain approaches, there may not be much of a reason for them to deviate too much, but it also never hurts to branch out somewhat and find something that might end up working even better.