Machine learning is coming to real estate. Are you ready?

August 22, 2018

Investment in AI-based machine learning tech for real estate is increasing, so agents should read up on what that means for them. The more real estate professionals can do to understand the options now available to them, the more likely they will be to capitalize on the emerging trend.

AI provides a basic benefit for agents: Performing previously tedious tasks that would normally take agents hours in seconds - or less, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. Where machine learning comes into the equation is in also interpreting that data.

Taking off
While AI and automated operations can collate a lot of data in a short time, being able to figure out what that data means and turn it into bite-sized, actionable points is of even greater value.

For example, having the ability to take a list of leads and some pertinent information about them and see which are most likely to get into the market soon, within seconds, can save agents a lot of time that can be devoted to other aspects of their jobs.

On the ground floor
Right now, AI and machine learning are an area of real estate tech where millions of investment dollars are now being focused, according to TechCrunch. As such, now is the time for agents to study up on their options and find the platforms whose offerings are most likely to cater to their needs. Often, these software options will draw data from dozens or even hundreds of sources, providing agents with access to potentially massive amounts of actionable information.