Is video still a good marketing tactic for agents?

December 10, 2018

For some time now, agents have been investing time and money into real estate video marketing. But has it been effective?

It wasn't so long ago that seemingly every media company in the U.S. was doing a "pivot to video." However, it turned out that the efficacy of video content in reaching viewers was dramatically overstated by certain social networks, according to Easy Agent. So the question becomes whether it makes sense for real estate professionals to keep pursuing.

What's the deal?
Marketing experts believe that, in real estate in particular, video may still be an effective marketing tool. The fact is that would-be buyers may still want a good idea of a listed home, or to get more information about a local market, and a video can be an engaging and shareable way to get that information out there.

However, agents would also be wise to keep a close eye on how past video content has performed, and use that to inform their future marketing decisions on an ongoing basis. If it doesn't seem like it's clicking, continuing to hack away at it might not be worth the time or trouble.

Give it a try
Meanwhile, if agents haven't yet really given video a fair shake, now might be the time, according to Real Estate Business. The good news is that video equipment is often quite inexpensive to purchase, and it might even be advisable to just use a smartphone or editing software that already comes on many computers to get a feel for its effectiveness.