How can brokers boost team performance?

August 14, 2018

With the annual fall slowdown in activity now officially here, it's important for brokers to make sure their teams are getting all the training they need to improve performance for next year. After all, if decision-makers can ensure they're planting the seeds for success now, it can result in a significant boost in real estate sales for the whole company starting in the spring.

Perhaps one of the best ways in which brokers can make sure their teams are doing a better job of covering all their bases where job skills are concerned, according to RISMedia. It's not that everyone on the payroll has to have every skill that can help them succeed in real estate, but if brokers can identify areas where the team as a whole can do better, a little training can go a long way toward ensuring those gaps get filled in in short order.

What does that mean?
When agents and other real estate professionals have overlapping skill sets, just about any problem that arises for the organization as a whole can be resolved quickly and easily. For instance, if there is more than one person on staff who excels at planning, or has great leadership skills, that's a net benefit for the whole group, so if the company has a preponderance of people who could stand to get a better handle on their time management, planning a training around that can go a long way.

In addition, it might be wise to highlight the skills people have already and get them involved in the planning and implementation of those skills development programs. This can help them feel more engaged with the company overall, and also help the workers they're training feel more at ease with the process.

Getting it right
When undertaking internal training efforts, it's not always easy to get them exactly right the first time, according to Boomtown ROI. With that in mind, decision-makers would be wise to build quantifiable (and obtainable) objectives into those programs so that they can make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction and has something to work toward.

Along similar lines, it's important to consider that some agents - particularly those who have been in the business a long time - might be a little reticent to set aside time for professional development at the same time as younger, less-experienced real estate professionals. As such, brokers would be wise to highlight the ways in which this kind of training effort is designed to pay off for everyone. At the same time, making the focus of that training fun, and breaking it up into reasonably sized chunks of time, can also help keep morale high even if the subject of a session isn't the most exciting in the world.

When companies make an effort to not only build their employees' skill sets and support their professional development, but routinely circle back to reinforce those teaching efforts, they're far more likely to wring additional success out of the process over the long term.