How brokers can keep up with changing times

January 13, 2019

The ways in which people want to interact with their employers is changing a lot these days. As a result, brokers need to know how to recruit and handle real estate professionals on an ongoing basis.

Today, many brokers may be trying to attract the talent to handle demand when the buying and selling season arrives, according to Dot Loop. With that in mind, perhaps the most important thing to remember when doing so is that every person is different; there's no one way to continually lure the best real estate professionals possible. Some may be drawn strictly by the money they can make, while others might want to shake up their career with a new opportunity.

However, while everyone has that "button" to push, they all need to actually be pushed in the first place. Brokers may do well to make a strong effort and put on a full-court press if they're going to be proactive about drawing in top talent.

Getting it out there
When brokers are trying to get more agents to come aboard, perhaps the best way to do so is to simply get the word out to local pros. Even if that might ruffle a few feathers, it never hurts to ask around.

For those who might be interested in making the move, brokers could want to host a happy hour or mixer-type event so everyone can get a rapport going and a better feel for whatever culture has grown around the office. While that culture may not be for everyone, it can certainly give candidates an idea of what they might be in for if they make the switch.

Acclimating to the process
Meanwhile, not every agent will come aboard seeing 100 percent eye-to-eye with their new broker, and there can be a temptation to "pull the chute" if it doesn't feel like the right fit initially. But according to The Balance, that may not always be the best idea. There are certainly signs that someone might need a little bit of a course correction if problems persist, such as if they ignore repeated requests or aren't communicating well.

But often, issues can be worked out whether it's between a real estate professional and their clients, two different agents, or agent and broker. In this market, agent turnover is a problem not only because of the loss of a worker, but because of the potential loss of business and the possibility of negative word of mouth. While there are sometimes going to be irreconcilable differences between employers and employees, having the ability to smooth over issues, especially with less-experienced agents, is a must for any broker.

Generally speaking, the less emotion plays into hiring and talent management, the better off both agents and brokers will be. While real estate is a business built on personality in many ways, there are always opportunities to foster talent and help everyone succeed in the industry.