Five Easy Lawn Care Tips for Spring

May 2, 2019

With today’s busy schedules, it can be a challenge to keep lawns green and healthy. But there are quick and easy ways to protect your property both inside (with an HMS home warranty plan, of course) and out. After a long winter, your yard needs a little TLC to become the lush landscape your neighbors will covet. Heed these five dos and don’ts and they’ll be green with envy in no time:

1) DON’T hesitate to hydrate. The best time to water your lawn? Early in the AM. Watering before the heat of the day sets in prevents erosion and keeps your grass hydrated longer.  Be careful not to overwater though — experts suggest wetting soil to a depth of 6 inches to encourage rooting.

2) DO feed your foliage. Replenish your yard’s food stores, which get naturally depleted throughout the cold winter months. Compost tea and citrus oils are great alternatives to harsh chemical fertilizers and will help green your garden. But be careful not to over-fertilize as it can burn your lawn.

3) DON’T mow too low. Shorter isn’t necessarily better when it comes to the length of your grass. Keeping mower blades too close to the ground will expose soil to sunlight and help weeds take root. There are also key nutrients in the blades that help encourage a healthy landscape. Longer grass will enable better shade coverage from the sun and encourage deeper root growth.

4) DO saturate your soil. During long winter months, your lawn can get compacted under heavy snow or ice fall. Come spring, aerating your lawn will break up and circulate oxygen throughout the ground to encourage healthy grass growing with stronger roots, better hydration and less weed occurrence. Aerators can be purchased or rented, or go the natural route and use earthworms to organically churn your soil.

5) DON’T wait for weeds. Instead of treating perennial weeds, such as crabgrass, after they poke their heads up into your nice green lawn, strike first with a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent seeds from taking hold. Be sure to ask at your local garden and home store for natural brands that don't contain harsh chemicals and won't be harmful to grass seeds.  

Following these easy tips to a lush lawn, plus the protection you get from your home warranty coverage, will make your property the talk of the town.