February brings plenty of marketing opportunities

January 13, 2019

There are a lot of holidays in February real estate professionals can market around, from Groundhog Day to National Margarita Day. Each presents a unique marketing opportunity agents would be wise to seize on, so a little studying here can go a long way toward ensuring they keep potential clients interested.

A bit of research online may help you find some great holidays to celebrate, and you can generate a little more interest by using a number of hashtags on your social media postings that day, according to Sprout Social. If you can come up with a creative hashtag that ties in, say, Valentine's Day with the real estate industry specifically. If agents use #ValentinesDay and #LoveMyAgent, for example, they might be able to promote themselves a little more effectively.

Meanwhile, it may also be a good idea for agents to put together some creative marketing ideas around past clients' experiences with them, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Testimonial videos, for instance, could play well with many people now starting their agent search ahead of spring. With the winter slowdown still here, agents may have a little more time to put together a truly innovative marketing strategy (which they can debut now or wait until the start of the shopping season) that goes above and beyond what clients or leads might expect.

When agents take the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with something really engaging, they may find that the additional work they put in creates a little more return on their time investment as well.