Decorate your home for winter

December 10, 2018

With the holiday season now behind us, it's still fun to keep a home decorated for the winter season. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for keeping your home festive even after the Christmas and New Year's decor comes down.

One winter decoration idea is also practical, and all it may need is a spare table or small surface, according to Country Living. Building a "hot cocoa bar" with packets of hot chocolate, a few mugs, marshmallows and the like and tucking it into a corner of the kitchen or living room can really help make a home feel a little cozier.

For homes with porches
Any homeowner who's lucky enough to have a porch - on the front or back of their house - may also make it a little more festive by adding potted evergreens, decorative sleds, wreaths and the like. If it's a front porch, that can also make guests feel more welcome the instant they arrive.

And homes with fireplaces
In addition, for any house with a mantelpiece, a nice winter touch is a great idea, according to My Domaine. In taking down holiday decor, leaving up a garland of evergreens, wreaths (perhaps without a big red bow), white lights and so on can add a touch of class without reminding viewers of the holidays that just passed.

Looking online for some inspiration can really help homeowners find a winter decor idea that fits their tastes and the features already in their home. That, in turn, can make a space feel a lot more welcoming for the rest of the season.