Boost visibility in the local market with non-marketing events

Real estate professionals can improve their profile among residents in their areas by hosting charity events and other local efforts.

Real estate pros should continually assess goals and success

While many real estate agents are quite busy at this time of year, it's wise for them to ensure they are routinely setting goals for themselves, and creating ways to hold themselves accountable.

How can agents boost their leads?

Many agents may still take to "cold calls" - even in today's market - to drum up leads.

Agents should help their clients prep for a spring sale

While real estate professionals may have a lot on their plates at this time of year, it's still vital that their clients know how best to make their homes attractive to would-be buyers.

Agents should encourage selling clients to keep homes safe in winter

Winter comes with a lot of unique seasonal risks, and selling clients need to be aware of them to avoid accidents or property damage.

It's vital for agents to have disaster plans

Real estate professionals can take a lesson from the fallout from recent hurricanes: They need business continuity plans.

House bidding war: Two bids, two homes, one buyer?

Sometimes simultaneous offers can prove advantageous for the agent and buyer if handled correctly.

3 ways to corner the green housing market

Between global warming concerns and the energy savings that homeowners can realize with new eco-friendly appliances, the green housing market is taking off in America.

How to make a small bathroom feel bigger

Whether you are a homeowner trying to sell your home or a real estate professional trying to help sell a property, small bathrooms are a common problem.