Why is demand on the decline?

Even as many real estate professionals would have expected demand to grow at the start of spring, it has actually taken a step back relative to last year.

4 things to know about the spring market

The real estate market is changing all the time and this spring will present unique situations that real estate professionals may not have encountered at this time last year.

4 reasons clients should buy and sell in late spring

While many people have likely been thinking about buying or selling for a while now, May is often one of the best times to start work on closing real estate sales.

Agents can help owners get their homes ready for a sale

Perhaps more important than helping buying clients this spring is agents getting homeowners ready to sell. 

Why agents should advise homeowners to sell this spring

It's still a seller's market, but many homeowners don't seem to have much inclination to put their properties up for sale. 

Helpful tips for selling in winter

Real estate professionals should always be aware of local market conditions so they can better advise their clients. 

How are consumers feeling about the housing market?

Many real estate professionals might not find it easy to get the average person's perspective on what today's housing market is like, but understanding that point of view could go a long way toward ensuring they can help clients navigate the buying or sel

What do experts foresee for the 2018 housing market?

With 2018 finally here, it's important for real estate professionals to get the lay of the land and understand how the market is evolving.

Where is the market headed in 2018?

The housing market has changed a lot in the past year alone, and now experts have even more predictions for what the year to come may hold.

Can agents help their clients find starter homes?

Many would-be buyers today want to buy low-priced "starter" homes, but often they are hard to come by and fiercely contested.