6 ways you can help buying clients in a bustling market

The housing market is shifting away from being as seller-friendly as it once was, but that doesn't mean it's buyer-friendly quite yet.

4 tips for texting with clients

Many young buyers and sellers these days may prefer to communicate with real estate professionals via text rather than email or on the phone. 

5 tips to manage your time better

June is probably the most hectic month of the year for most real estate professionals, and they're likely spending way more than 40 hours a week on the job.

Encouraging owners whose homes don't sell right away

As the spring wears on, some owners who listed in March or even April might be getting antsy.

Make spring sales real estate checklists to save time

Real estate professionals have a lot to keep in mind this spring, but putting together a checklist that will help them keep track of everything can really help them sell homes quickly and easily.

Getting a first listing client

When agents come into the profession for their first spring, they may not always know how to connect with a listing client.

Why a pop-by is still a great idea

Real estate professionals may not rely on pop-bys as much as they used to, but they're still effective for building and maintaining relationships.

Find ways to de-stress when things get hectic

While real estate professionals may be happy for all the business they're about to receive after a long winter, lots of new clients can be stressful as well.

Tips for new agents as spring approaches

Spring is nearly here and most agents are now making their final preparations for the hectic buying and selling season.

What should new agents know ahead of their first big sales season?

Relatively inexperienced real estate professionals have probably never had to deal with the inundation of interest - from both buyers and sellers - they're likely to face in March and April.