3 DIY ways to get your pool ready for summer

With summer nearly here, homeowners who are lucky enough to have pools need to start prepping for the heavy use they'll get in the next few months.

Spring craft ideas to brighten up a home

Now that March has gone out like a lamb, you can take time to make your own decorations that will add a little more color to your home.

Crafting with kids on Valentine's Day

There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to have a little fun around Valentine's Day, but making crafty decorations or cards with kids is a great way to start.

Ensuring a safe open house

An open house in January or February offers selling and buying clients a great opportunity to make a deal.

Decorate your home for winter

With the holiday season now behind us, it's still fun to keep a home decorated for the winter season.

DIY gifts kids can make for family members

A hand-made gift from a child can mean a lot more to a parent or grandparent than anything bought in a store. That gives them plenty of options to make something fun and important.

Have the kids help with Thanksgiving decorations

Giving kids something to do in the run-up to the Thanksgiving holiday can kill two birds with one stone: Keep them busy and prep some adorable decorations.

DIY your Halloween decorations

Homeowners can easily make their own Halloween decorations as a fun family activity.

Make quick and easy DIY repairs this fall

A little maintenance at this time of year can go a long way toward protecting your home.

What home colors are increasingly popular?

August may be the last chance homeowners have to repaint before cooler weather arrives, so it's smart to figure out the trendy colors that are now popular in the market.