Brokers should outfit their agents with safety kits

November 8, 2018

Winter safety is key for agents as they travel from one location to the next, so brokers would be wise to gift these real estate professionals with safety kits they can pack in their cars. While business certainly slows down at this time of year, even one trip across icy or snowy roads is an opportunity for an accident if agents aren't careful, so making sure they're outfitted with everything they need to stay safe is a must.

The question for brokers, then, is what they should include in these kits - which can be both well-appreciated by agents and a practical means of keeping business running smoothly as the year winds down. According to Family Handyman, there are some basics that any such kit should have, including (but not limited to) a small LED flashlight, that won't need much in the way of battery power or take up too much space, a cell phone charger, an air compressor, some simple tools, jumper cables and sand or kitty litter if a car gets stuck in snow.

Above and beyond
In addition to those basics - which won't carry a big price tag by any means - it's also smart to include a small foldable shovel, a first-aid kit, a blanket and a pair of gloves or winter hat. Plus, it's smart to have a durable bin to keep all these pieces together.

These items can increase the cost of providing one kit for every agent significantly, but given the amount of hard work they put in over the course of the year and the ultimate goal of the gifting - to keep them safe - the investment can be seen as being well worth it.

Other things to give out
In addition, other aspects of winter safety include vehicles having plenty of anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluid, according to It's Tactical. While most agents have a bottle or two of both at home or in their cars already, offering to top everyone off can be relatively inexpensive and still make ensure everyone is prepared.

And while most agencies aren't going to spring for this type of thing, it's still a good idea for agents to have a full-size flat - rather than a "donut" - on hand. This is also true of having a small portable fire extinguisher in the vehicle.

Finally, it's wise for agents to make sure they pack their favorite snacks and a few bottles of water in an easily accessible part of their vehicle. That way, if their car does break down somewhere on the highway, they can stay hydrated and fed while awaiting assistance.

Overall, it's probably a good idea for brokers to also stress to agents that if the roads seem too treacherous, they shouldn't take the risk of trying to make a client meeting or open house. Everyone's safety is more important than any sale, so allowing more flexibility in an effort to keep everyone in good shape is vital at this time of year.