Brokers can train for refreshing agent skills

September 18, 2018

Now is the time for brokers to make sure their teams of real estate professionals are not only trained on the cutting-edge ideas of the industry, but are also brushing up on the basics. When things slow down at this time of year, it's not as though agents are simply sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. However, they also may have a little less activity to occupy their workdays, which is why so many in the industry undertake training in the fall and winter.

There may be many ways in which brokers can make sure their agents are fully up to speed with everything they need to know about both their local markets and the skills that help them excel in today's real estate world, according to Mindflash. For instance, while the most seasoned agents might not think they need much help when it comes to more effectively generating leads, the fact is that it never hurts to have a refresher, especially if that allows brokers to introduce new concepts or areas of focus.

After all, the lead generation techniques that worked even five years ago might not be quite as effective in today's market.

What else to focus on
Along similar lines, it might be wise for brokers to make sure their agents know how to effectively leverage all the technology that is now emerging in the sector, especially when it comes to options that will directly help make their jobs easier. For instance, if new software platforms can make it a little easier to handle client information or find ways to use big data and uncover leads they might not have expected, that's going to be seen as a few hours of training well spent, because it provides agents with a clear return on investment, likely many times over.

Directly helping clients
In addition, now might be the time for brokers to think about the ways in which their training initiatives can be both helpful for agents and more client-facing simultaneously, according to 360training. For instance, it can be a good idea to invest time and energy into negotiation skills training, which often goes well beyond simply being able to be commanding at the bargaining table to get the best price possible in real estate sales.

That's because negotiations really start well before people sit down to formally hammer out a deal. Agents need to be able to listen well, communicate effectively, identify and convey the ins and outs of what their clients want, how those client desires benefit all involved and so on. When that kind of skill - and the preparation that goes into it - comes to the forefront, agents will be able to clearly demonstrate their value to clients and, potentially, generate positive word of mouth regularly.

Again, agents might not always be particularly enthusiastic about going through multiple training courses over the course of the fall and winter, but if brokers can present a clear value proposition to them, that can have a major impact on their eagerness to get better at their jobs.