Brokers can strategize their spring marketing now

January 23, 2018

With spring only a few months away, many brokers are already putting together strategies for helping agents succeed. Building a comprehensive marketing plan into the larger effort is likely to go a long way.

After all, the ability to get the company's name out there and allow real estate professionals to connect with as many potential clients - on both the buying and selling side of the market - is vital to ongoing success. As such, marketing is as important as professional development when it comes to succeeding in what is likely to be a busy spring real estate market, according to LinkedIn contributor and online marketing expert Pavel B. Those efforts should probably start with revamping a brokerage website to make sure it targets local house hunters and sellers.

Once that is done, there are other opportunities to pursue, because the goal of any marketing should be to get people to engage with the company on an ongoing basis. And in this case, that should include getting them to follow them the brokerage or individual agents on social platforms.

Branching out from the website
Social media marketing should tie into and funnel people back to the site. Furthermore, physical marketing should generally have the same look and "feel" of a brokerage site.

Likewise, it's critical that agents understand and can follow through on whatever message brokerages are cultivating for spring marketing on the site, on social and in physical mailers and signage. With this need in mind, incorporating that planned messaging into other professional development efforts now, before the spring buying season begins, will be vital to making sure everyone stays on the same page.

Will video work?
Brokers would also be wise to consider ways they may be able to improve upon their traditional physical or website marketing, according to Agent Redefined. For instance, incorporating video marketing into their social feeds, as well as embedding those brief messages into their websites, could go a long way toward driving engagement with prospective clients.

That, too, is something brokers can work on with their agents at this time of year to make sure the kinds of video they post remain consistent with the broader messaging. Brokers can ask agents to focus on selling themselves and their listings in videos. However, when doing so, it's important for all involved to also research videos that are already successful and find commonalities that can be ported over to the new, brokerage-wide effort.

A pivot to video is increasingly common, and while brokers may not want to shell out for expensive equipment, it might not always be advisable to let agents use their smartphones to shoot videos. Finding affordable equipment may therefore be vital to ensuring companies can create shareable video content on an ongoing basis.

The more brokers can do to lay the groundwork for agents ahead of the busy real estate sales season, the more likely they and their agents will be to find success in reaching an ever-growing number of prospective clients.