Boosting leads this spring

March 12, 2019

Real estate professionals are getting a lot of traction as people naturally come into the market at this time of year, but they can likely find more leads with a few creative efforts. Doing a little extra work in this regard now, before things get even more hectic, can really pay off for agents.

Perhaps the best way to do this is to put in the time in April to make yourself as visible as possible in the community and present yourself as a dedicated, active member of the local scene, according to Easy Agent. That could be something as simple as volunteering at local charities or events, or putting some money toward sponsoring a youth sports team. Some agents may approach such an exercise cynically or without the proper gusto, but if you can pick a cause or two that really speaks to you, that authenticity will show through.

Promotional materials are a must
Meanwhile, agents already know about the value of having branded tchotchkes to give out, such as key chains, calendars, pens and so on. But getting a little more creative and thoughtful with those giveaways - which might also include a little more investment up front - can be a help. For instance, at this time of year, one thing everyone seems to need is an umbrella, and a branded option from an agent will be quite helpful for all involved. It keeps the recipient dry and also reminds them - and others - of their favorite local agent.

You might also do well to hold seminars for would-be buyers and sellers, or volunteer to talk to kids at the local high school about the world of real estate to better connect with potential leads while simultaneously showing off your expertise.

Getting it right online
At the same time, agents should also be beefing up their online presence to make sure they're catching as many leads as possible, according to Agent Image. After all, most shoppers and would-be sellers start the real estate sales process with an online search, so you need to make sure your site and social media accounts are as responsive to their needs as possible. That includes making your website scalable, so that it automatically conforms to the device being used to visit it; that means having mobile and desktop versions.

Putting a call to action on that site, related to signing up for your mailing list, is vital here as well. If you can get a person's email address, you're more likely to come to mind at least a few times a month. That obviously also means you need to devote time to churning out a high-quality email newsletter or marketing campaign that reaches consumers at least once a week.

Of course, every agent is different and you may already have a fully scalable, responsive site or a great standing with local nonprofits. But the key here is to make sure your name is always associated with expertise and being a good citizen, so you're more than just a face on a sign or website to any potential lead.