Boost marketing around Thanksgiving

October 5, 2018

Real estate professionals can leverage the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to improve both their physical and online marketing efforts. All it takes is a little creativity.

There may not be any "wrong" way to market around Thanksgiving, just because most agents know what works and how to show their holiday spirit, but some efforts may be more effective than others, according to Postcard Mania. Whether it's real-world mailers with a festive theme or some quick and easy updates to a standard weekly or monthly marketing email, little changes and fun ideas can be extremely effective.

Let's get physical
Something as simple as a postcard with a photo of an agent and their family, along with some contact information and a "Happy Thanksgiving!" message, can be quite effective at this time of year. After all, most people are thinking about family around the holiday anyway, and showing off a happy clan can help humanize agents in ways that a professional headshot does not.

Take it online
It's a little different to send something to a person's email inbox, though, because people often get dozens of messages a day, most of which they delete or only look at quickly, according to Email Monks. So how can agents make sure their messaging is seen? By sprucing up the subject line. The good news is agents can start putting emoji turkeys, corn, drumsticks and more into subject lines to make them stand out a little more, and say something closer to "click me" than "delete me."

Of course, the content of those emails has to be on point with respect to the holiday, as well.