Aspire to be the best agent possible this selling season

March 21, 2017

It's a seller's market as the spring shopping season heats up once again, and real estate professionals likely have a lot on their plates. However, those who can do the most for their clients - even when things are busier than normal - will probably be the ones who can most expect to forge lasting relationships with sellers, boost word-of-mouth and get more referrals to help ensure future business potentially for years to come.

One of the big issues agents approaching would-be sellers may have is that they want to stress how important it is to sell in the near future, but they have to toe the line between encouraging and potentially being seen as pushy, according to Inman. With this in mind, being open and honest about why now is the right time to sell may help to generate some clients with those who are on the fence. But for those who want to wait a little longer, agents can use a gentle touch to gain future success here as well.

Staying in contact
While it's easy to build and maintain a relationship with people who become clients, those who don't (yet) are also important. With this in mind, even when agents get a firm "not right now," reaching out every once in a while is a good idea just to stay front-of-mind for when that homeowner does decide to sell. And while today's conditions are probably the strongest for sellers they've been in some time - after all, rates are still quite low relative to historical norms, and buyer demand is white-hot in many markets - the fact is that patience is a big virtue.

After all, home prices aren't likely to go down any time soon, but as more sellers come into the market that high demand could be tempered at least somewhat. To that end, an agent's ability to pitch themselves to would-be sellers as an expert in facilitating the real estate sales process - and regularly let them know about the opportunities available to sellers in their local markets - can go a long way.

What should people expect?
In general, agents have a number of duties to their clients, including doing all they can to help them gain every advantage possible given the current market conditions, according to Exclusive Buyers Agents. In addition, sellers' agents have a duty to follow their clients' wishes, but have a legal obligation to let all involved know about any potential problems with the home or property. That may rub some sellers the wrong way, but the more diligent agents are in explaining all aspects of the sales process clearly, the better off they will be when it comes to forging long-lasting relationships.

Surprises can occasionally crop up in the sales process, but if everyone involved is as prepared as possible, sellers are far more likely to enjoy the experience and either stay in contact themselves or recommend their agents to others. Taking this time of year to refocus on how to achieve those goals will be crucial for agents.