Agents can use tech to be more productive this summer

June 10, 2019

Technology is supposed to make your life easier in many different ways, and that can certainly be true in real estate. Because summer is such a busy time, finding new ways to trim even an hour off your commitments per week can go a long way.

The good news is that even the most basic tech - your smartphone, computer, etc. - is available to make your life a lot easier, according to the Forbes Real Estate Council. That's because you can now access critical information you need to do your job from anywhere you can get an internet or cell connection.

Of course, that means you might have to do more to digitize your own work processes, such as by scanning important files into a document management system or starting to use e-signatures for contracts vital to the real estate sales process. However, doing so could save you multiple trips across town per week to get important files to and from your office or other locations.

The wow factor
At the same time, agents might also want to think about investing in virtual reality technology that can help save both them and their clients' time. VR is great because you can take clients on multiple guided tours through for-sale listings all in one sitting, saving agents and shoppers alike the hassle and time commitment of attending multiple open houses across two, three or more weekends.

As an added bonus, VR has been known to truly impress clients by immersing them in a home that you're presenting in the best possible light.

Automate your marketing
Of course, meeting with clients is only some of what the average agent does in any given week, and marketing to attract new clients is just as important as meeting with the existing ones, according to RISmedia. Consequently, anything agents can put together to automate their marketing efforts will likely save them a lot of time.

For instance, taking time when you have some extra hours in the day to write email newsletters that won't be sent for days, weeks or even months will help agents free up time they'll need when they anticipate things will be busier. There are also services that allow you to automate direct mailers that arrive via Postal Service.

The same is true of automated texting to clients about listings they might be interested in. However, it's important to work hard to ensure these automated messages are up-to-date and do not come off as being too generic or simply blasted out at random. The goal is to make clients think they are receiving a text from you directly.

And of course, AI-based chatbots that live on your website or social media page and directly collect contact information or other details from interested visitors are a great way to gather and organize data that could turn into more real estate sales somewhere down the road.

Any steps agents take to save time without cutting corners in presenting themselves as attentive professionals will likely pay off in a significant way. However, agents should also consider all available options to ensure they choose an option that works well for them.