6 ways you can help buying clients in a bustling market

June 10, 2019

The housing market is shifting away from being as seller-friendly as it once was, but that doesn't mean it's buyer-friendly quite yet. As such, real estate professionals need to empower their buying clients to find more ways to shop confidently.

Here are six tips to do so at a time when an agent's guidance is most needed:

1) Simplify the real estate sales process for them

Today, a large percentage of buyers are people who are trying to make a home purchase for the first time in their lives, so it's vital that agents keep things as straightforward as possible for them, according to On Course Real Estate. That means providing numerous tech options - such as e-signatures - to ensure people have as few hurdles to clear as possible when they want to make a purchase.

2) Get them ready to make an aggressive offer

There is, of course, a real wow factor with some homes for sale, which can be great in some instances, but often it leads shoppers to put the cart before the horse when it comes to making an offer. Even as the frequency of bidding wars is on the decline, it's important for buyers to be able to table the best offer to ensure they get the home, and they will rely on your guidance to let them know what is or isn't a good idea.

3) Make sure they have property alerts

If people are particularly interested in some homes, it might be a good idea to recommend alerts for similar properties on real estate sites so they know exactly when a potential future purchase comes on the market, if prices are slashed or on the rise, etc. An informed shopper is one who's far more likely to go through the sales process confidently and come out the other side satisfied with the deal they made - and with the agent who got them there.

4) Get the offer right

Another way agents can help buyers that people can't do on their own is preparing the offer yourself, according to The Balance. That way, there's more familiarity between parties and the listing agent is more likely to recommend that the seller take the competitive offer from the buyer whose agent helped them out during a busy time of year.

5) Get them to the earliest showings possible

Similar to having alerts set up for properties with specific preferred features, this is also critical for agents and buyers. While the market isn't as competitive as it used to be, many homes still receive offers quickly, and that means if shoppers wait around for the second or third showings, they may be well behind the 8-ball in terms of making an offer.

6) Keep it simple

In a buyer's market, it's easy to ask the seller to cut shoppers a break and pay for repairs, new appliances and so on. While it's not really a seller's market anymore, buyers also aren't going to have the power - in most cases - to make these kinds of demands. It's still better to take the house as-is.