6 vital pool maintenance tips

June 21, 2019

Homeowners who have a pool need to know how best to take care of it. Not doing so can not only cause frustrating downtime in the summer months, but  lead to the need for rather expensive repairs.

Below are six tips that will help them avoid unexpected costs, downtime and other difficulties:

1) Skim and scrub regularly

One of the biggest traps any homeowner can fall into with their pool is believing their filter will do the heavy lifting for them, according to Freshome. While that's certainly the case for some debris that inevitably ends up in the water, skimming the leaves and other yard waste off the surface is a must, as is scrubbing the bottom and sides to keep the whole thing clean and in good working order.

2) Keep a close eye on the filter

If you're not cleaning out the filter basket on a regular basis and generally checking to make sure the filter itself is in good working order, you might be doing more damage than you expect. Experts recommend cleaning out the basket once a week, and flushing out the pipes in the filter itself once a month.

3) Test the water

This should go without saying, but testing the various chemical levels in your pool water is critical to making sure it's safe to swim in. Most testing sets you buy for your pool will explain exactly what levels you're supposed to be looking for given the various chemicals you're testing for, and someone at the pool supply store will be able to to give you more information on the best sets to get.

4) Check the water level

During the summer, there are plenty of natural events that can impact your water level, according to Trip Savvy. Generally speaking, you want the water level of your pool to be right in the middle of your filter; going too high or too low can make the whole system run less effectively. Rain may make the level rise above what's ideal, while lots of direct sunlight can evaporate water, so this is something to monitor.

5) Spot imperfections early

It's also a good idea to make sure you're checking the sides of the pool on a regular basis to guarantee no cracks or other fissures are developing. No matter how small they may seem now, they can quickly get out of control, but it's relatively simple to fix them with clear silicon. Online FAQs or local experts can give you more information on the best way to deal with the specific issues you may be facing.

6) Look for animals

If you see birds, reptiles or small mammals hanging around your pool from time to time, it might not seem like a big deal, but their presence can actually throw off your entire system's chemistry. If that's the case, you might need to do more to keep them away from the water, such as improving your fence or gates, or having a cover that closes all the way when the pool isn't in use.