5 ways to make your real estate office more efficient

June 10, 2019

Offices in any business can sometimes get bogged down with day-to-day processes that are effective but over time lose their edge. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for brokers to make sure their offices get back on track once again.

Here are five great tips to do just that:

1) Track how everyone spends their time

If you feel that agents aren't using the hours in the day as effectively as possible, one of the best ways to combat that is by identifying areas of inefficiency, according to Home Snap. By having agents track how they spend their time for a week or two, and looking at areas where a number of real estate professionals seem to get weighed down in their work, you may be able to investigate potential solutions that will free up a few hours here and there for everyone. The difference can really add up.

2) Plan ahead for any and all travel 

While agents will typically know their local communities like the backs of their hands, there are still plenty of times they may get stuck in traffic just trying to get around town. With that in mind, if everyone can make a habit of checking their smartphones to determine the best possible route - even if it's to a place they've been dozens of times - they might be able to avoid backups that can make them late for an appointment or otherwise cost them valuable time.

3) List your objectives for the day, week or month

When people have a list of goals they can work toward, they are far more likely to accomplish them when they're written out than if they're just ideas of deadlines and the like. Having a to-do list that lays out some basic goals for the next few days or even weeks will give agents something to work toward on a regular basis, serving as a reminder of what needs to be accomplished.

4) Don't go too hard

Of course, when working toward any goals - whether as a team or individually - agents who push themselves with long hours or lots of hard work without a mental break will be at far greater risk of burnout, according to Become a Local Leader. That, in turn, is probably going to make them less effective in their everyday work than they were before they binged their work, so taking a moderated approach is usually a very good idea for any agent. Likewise, brokers need to be able to spot the warning signs of burnout before they manifest as a bigger problem.

5) Try not to multitask

Dividing attentions between multiple different parts of the job makes agents less effective at each one. Juggling two things simultaneously might seem easy to handle, but when it becomes an issue of trying to tackle three, four or more, agents are going to make themselves far less useful even if it feels like they're tackling a number of projects competently. It's wiser to spend time dealing with things individually then move on.