5 ways to build your local network for clients and partners

May 24, 2019

Real estate professionals know that their industry is like so many others: It's all about who you know. With that in mind, you should always strive to create new connections - not only with potential clients, but also with businesses and professionals in your area.

Here are several ways to help you do so:

1) Get your website up to speed

Since the vast majority of home searches start online, you need to make sure you're as visible on a search engine as possible, according to Hubspot. Most agents have their own websites these days - or at least their own social media profiles - but making sure they're up to date, modern-looking and loaded with helpful content (including the use of a blog you update regularly) will allow you to stand out from other agents and potentially attract more clients.

2) Use social to build an email list

If you're already on social media anyway, you may feel you have a direct line to consumers already. But if you can leverage the social media relationship so you can more directly market to people via email, that's an added bonus. Of course, you will also have to produce compelling email newsletters so people stay subscribed and actually click through, but it's all about making as much of the relationship as possible.

3) Find local partners

If you have a longstanding place in your community, it might be helpful to rely on trusted local businesses to further build your brand. Setting up a trade that will allow you to put your cards or informational materials on the counter at a local coffee shop in exchange for talking about that business on your feeds could be the kind of symbiotic relationship that helps both you and that other company take a step forward in connecting with locals.

4) Promote yourself to sellers

While it's not always difficult to connect with potential buyers - thanks to their sheer volume in the market these days - sellers remain a bit harder to come by, according to Fit Small Business. With that in mind, promotions that specifically speak to current homeowners who might be thinking about selling their homes can go a long way. For instance, if you offer to do free home valuations for homeowners and promote that heavily on social media, it could help unlock a previously untapped market of clients.

5) Create a referral system

If you have plenty of satisfied clients from years past, reaching out to them for potential leads may be a good idea, especially if you're giving them a little extra incentive. If you can provide small perks - like a gift card to a local restaurant (perhaps the one you partnered with already!) - it might help encourage people to more actively re-engage with you.

In general, the best advice here is to promote yourself more in any way you can, and highlight the many ways you have helped potentially hundreds of past clients get through the real estate sales process seamlessly.