5 tips to help owners sell in July and August

June 10, 2019

While the early summer rush might be winding down, July and August still present homeowners with plenty of opportunities to lock in a sale before the school year starts.

Here are five ways real estate agents can help their clients get an edge in a competitive market:

1) Hold an open house after work

Summers are made for relaxing weekends and taking an extra day or two off work on Friday, Monday or both, according to Realtor.com. With that in mind, what is normally a busy day for open houses can often be slow in the summer. Instead, it's a good idea to have an open house around 6 p.m. on a weekday so you can catch people coming home from work and avoid trying to take up part of their well-earned weekend time.

2) Make the open house a big event

When holding that event, you might also be wise to make it more than just your normal "snacks and water in the kitchen" open house. If you've got a nice backyard, porch or patio, have the refreshments be cookout style, with someone working the grill and a cooler nearby. People will be more apt to stick around longer and feel a bit more "at home" in this kind of environment.

3) Advertise everywhere

While owners often just let their agents handle listing the home on various websites and the like, it's also a good idea to press the issue as summer progresses. After all, no owner who's looking to sell wants to still be on the market in September or October, so agents would be wise to make sure they're tapping every available listing opportunity - even those that are in physical media like circulars and newspapers - to maximize the chances their client's home catches a buyer's eye.

4) Increase the curb appeal

A great aspect of selling in summer is it comes at a time when lawns are lush and green, and all other plants are in full bloom, according to The Balance. With that in mind, agents and owners should work together to increase curb appeal, by mowing the lawn more frequently, planting flowers, repainting doors or window frames, clearing the walkway and so on. Curb appeal still matters a lot, even when many would-be buyers browse a home online first, so putting some extra attention to detail into it at this time of year is a must.

5) Make it comfortable

Whenever a potential buyer comes over for a visit, there shouldn't be a single room in the house that's too hot or stuffy. Even if homes don't have central air, turning on fans and keeping windows open is a great idea, and it's always a good idea to have the shades and curtains wide open to let in as much natural light as possible. However, if a home does have central air, agents should also make sure the thermostat isn't set too low, even on days that are especially hot. You want a home to be cool, rather than cold.