5 ideas for generating more leads this spring

February 25, 2019

With the shopping season getting underway this month in many parts of the country, agents may need to do a little more to attract buyers and sellers. Standing out from a potentially crowded field of agents in their area is vital, but not always easy.

Here are a few ways they can go about it:

1) Facebook Messenger ads

One of the issues that agents may face when they place ads on social media or other sites is that simply directing a person to their professional page or Facebook profiles doesn't ensure interaction or follow-through, according to The Close. They might click the link, but it's up to them to enter their contact information or otherwise reach out.

However, it's easy to make ads that bring people to their own Facebook profiles and open a window that starts a Facebook Messenger conversation with the agent directly. That way, people know they have a direct line of communication to an agent, and may therefore be far more likely to follow through on forming a relationship.

2) A new approach to cold calling

Cold calling may not be as attractive for agents as it once was, but it's no less effective. While it can be a little intimidating to pick up the phone knowing the person on the other end may not be looking for an agent, having a good sense of humor and an even better opening line can go a long way toward unlocking some leads.

3) Seek out referrals

A good chunk of an agent's business will likely come from referrals in the first place, according to GrowthHouse by Follow Up Boss. However, they might not always be as proactive as they probably should be in seeking them out from past clients with whom they have a good relationship. A little extra effort to "shake the trees" here could go a long way toward finding new leads from unexpected sources.

4) Boost online reviews

Along similar lines, agents would be wise to ask clients past and present to leave reviews on their various social media accounts. That way, when people check Google or Facebook looking for the best real estate professionals in their area, a number of five-star reviews will show up in just about every search. That, in turn, may be the first step toward getting people to reach out based on a just a few keystrokes.

5) Always reach out to FSBOs

While many agents may shy away from owners who are trying to sell houses on their own, those that have been on the market awhile may be more amenable to changing course. For that reason, it's wise to keep a close eye on local FSBOs and reach out if they're still up for sale after a while. Agents may find that the owners have changed their tune when they couldn't close a deal in short order.