4 ways to nail your next print marketing campaign

June 21, 2019

Real estate professionals can still get a lot of traction with print ads, especially if they are part of a broader marketing strategy. Of course, people are accustomed to simply getting rid of marketing mail of any kind, so you have to make sure your offerings go above and beyond.

With that in mind, here are four ways you can ensure your print efforts do as well as possible:

1) Give people the information to find you online

While this is a physical mailer, it should also include everything people will need to find more information about you, the listing and more, according to Mimeo. That means including the URL for your website and your usernames on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Think of the mailer as the bait and your website or social profiles as the hook you'll need to get more clients in the wake of sending out your next mailer.

You should try to funnel at least some of the mailer recipients to your online platforms so you can more actively engage them with great content - from more details on listings to informational blog posts and great videos.

2) Spend what's necessary to get it right

While you shouldn't feel like you have to break the bank to get your message across with physical mailers, you shouldn't cut corners either. Working with an established, high-quality printer - whether in your local community or online - to produce the right kind of mailers for your needs at a price that fits your overall marketing budget is a must. Fortunately, there are likely a number of great options for you at just about any price point.

3) Showcase both your listings and yourself

Since you're using any physical marketing efforts to promote something, you might as well promote yourself as a a great local real estate resource too, according to Printing for Less. Put another way, if using physical advertising to show off the listings, keep in mind that a relatively small percentage of recipients are going to be in the market to buy. However, a larger percentage might be interested in selling or buying a different kind of home.

As such, you should also use the space to highlight some of your professional accomplishments or otherwise show off your extensive knowledge of the business. That way, if a person is even somewhat interested in getting into the real estate sales process from either side, your marketing is more likely to appeal to them. 

4) Personalize it

The odds are decent that a person receives your next direct mailer and - if it's addressed to "Resident" or something similar - dismisses it immediately as junk mail. With that in mind, making sure you're using automated systems to more specifically address the mailers to individuals will help them stand out to someone sorting through their mail. That, in turn, could make them more likely to open the envelope or carefully examine the postcard.