4 video ideas to help real estate professionals reach prospective clients

March 12, 2019

Video marketing is a great way to establish a real estate professional's expertise and show off their most attractive listings, but getting it right is key.

With that in mind, there are a few basics of video marketing that every agent should strive to follow for each clip they post, whether on YouTube for use on their websites or native to a social media account in particular.

Here are some of the best:

1) Good production values

Generally speaking, consumers are pretty savvy about what looks good and what doesn't in video marketing, and may be more trusting of an agent whose production quality is obviously above average, according to Marketing Artfully. That may mean familiarizing yourself with better lighting techniques and use of a solid video editing platform, but putting in the extra work will typically pay off in the end, in the form of more people watching and sharing your videos.

2) A focus on a specific demographic

When putting together a real estate video, you should always strive to connect with the audience. The question becomes who that audience for this particular video is. You may be wise to make multiple videos that focus on different demographic groups: young first-time buyers, middle-aged first-time sellers with kids, empty nesters looking to downsize, etc.

With this kind of variety, which you could also consider micro-targeting, you could be more likely to find traction with potential leads than if you cast a wide net with a video designed for a broader audience.

3) A unique hook

Every video you make should be branded, and not just with your name and logo, according to On Carrot. An internet user who's done a lot of research about their local housing market should be able to instantly recognize your videos as being unique and well-done. That might mean having something of a hook for every one, such as sitting in front of a white board and writing down key words, or utilizing graphics on screen as they talk.

4) Clear authority

Of course, people who are looking at real estate videos usually want to learn something, and this gives any agent the opportunity to show off their expertise in the market. Something as simple as providing a quick how-to for shoppers could go a long way to establishing the fact that you know what you're talking about and can easily help anyone with the homebuying process.

Along similar lines, you might also be wise to make the occasional testimonial video featuring a past client who was happy with their real estate sales experience.

These marketing ideas can be applied to any or all videos you intend to post, but you'll have plenty of ability to play around in these areas. For instance, the first three "must-haves" on this list could also be tied into coming across as an expert by hosting a brief, easy-to-understand FAQ video for first-time buyers or sellers. Because you should use video on a regular basis to better connect with prospective clients, you'll have plenty of room to experiment and find something that works for you.