4 tips for texting with clients

May 24, 2019

Many young buyers and sellers these days may prefer to communicate with real estate professionals via text rather than email or on the phone.

Here are four ways to help master those encounters:

1) Keep it professional

Texting may feel like a more informal platform than phone or email, but you need to maintain your professional tone as much as possible, according to Inman. Avoiding abbreviations and using complete sentences to answer questions or concerns is often the best course of action, but you can still be personable.

2) Keep it short

That said, the reason people are likely texting you is because they don't want to go to the trouble of writing a long email or having a phone conversation. Remember, texting is conversational but clients likely want to keep it brief.

3) Don't do it too much

Unless a client explicitly tells you texting is their preferred form of communication, you shouldn't use it as such, according to Business Collective. You can talk up front about what how you're going to communicate, but don't assume that just because most people text a lot these days, that's how they want to deal with their agents specifically.

4) Always answer, but avoid one-word replies

If you don't feel like you have time to respond to a question in-depth, you can say so, but you shouldn't ignore the text - even if you're in an important meeting and their question isn't pressing - or answer too briefly. A quick sentence or two when you have time is fine, but you can feel free to say, "Let me get back to you on that ASAP."