4 email subject lines to sell yourself as a great agent

April 23, 2019

Most agents rely on email marketing, and know that the best way to get clicks is to first get people to open their messages. That requires great subject lines, and here are four that could work great this spring:

1) "2 crucial tips to improve your spring shopping efforts"

Giving recipients the impression that you're imparting a little-known tip or trick to those who sign up for your newsletter is often a good idea, according to Campaign Monitor. Numbers are also proven to get people to click more frequently, so tying these two together with some sage and timely advice is wise here.

2) "Introducing you to your next home"

When you have some listings to show off, personalizing them and making it seem like a bit of a reveal is a good idea. This phrasing will help create some intrigue around the email's contents.

3) "Hurry! Homes are selling fast"

It's always wise to create urgency in email marketing, because it makes people feel as though they're going to miss out on a great deal, according to Start Small Media. The good news here is that agents certainly aren't exaggerating the need to buy sooner than later; market conditions being what they are, the sooner consumers start their home search, the better off they'll be.

4) [any of the above, plus emoji]

Surprisingly, when you put emoji in your email title, people are far more likely to open them. Combining urgency, hints and tricks or "big reveals" with some associated emoji - such as a house, family or bright flower for spring - could go quite a long way.