3 ways to prep your AC for heavy use this summer

May 24, 2019

With summer weather now arriving in many parts of the country, homeowners need to make sure their air conditioners - whether in-window or central units - are up to the task.

Here are three ways to do it: 

1) Change the filters

If you haven't swapped the filters inside your A/C units since last year, doing so now is key, according to Money Talk News. They run far more efficiently - meaning they use less energy - with new filters in, and as an added bonus the air they pump out is cleaner.

2) Clean it off

Over the course of a long, hot summer, a lot of dust, grime and debris can build up on an in-window or central A/C unit, and cleaning it off is much like swapping out the filter. Give the unit's exterior a good scrub-down and you may find it runs better.

3) Examine the lines

If you have a central unit, checking the coolant lines that run to it could boost efficiency, according to Home Tips. Over time, they can be damaged or their insulation may wear off. Getting those issues fixed, if they exist for your personal unit, will be crucial to getting the most out of it.

A bit of online research could help you uncover other ways to improve your air conditioner's efficiency, but your mileage may vary based on specific issues related to how old the unit is, how much it's used, how it's stored and so on.