3 tips to improve your referral program

June 21, 2019

Many agents get a lot of traction with referral programs, but may not always know how to take those efforts to the next level.

Here are three great ways to do so with ease:

1) Lots of choices

While many referral programs use one reward for every new lead they get (i.e., every person who tells a friend about your work receives a gift card) it can be fun - and exciting for recipients - to mix things up a bit, according to Marketing Artfully. For instance, you could allow them to pick any one of four choices (from a local cafe, restaurant, attraction, etc.), or just give them one randomly.

But the key is marketing the variety of options to generate more excitement.

2) A big event

Another great step to get referrals is to give those who provide them access to an exciting event, such as an exclusive lunch at a popular local eatery with other clients or a wine tasting. This, too, can be a good way to drive interest and create the idea of exclusivity or scarcity that often works so well when trying to get more people to provide positive word of mouth.

3) A long-term commitment

Of course, real estate professionals can also make themselves more conspicuous by having an ongoing referral rewards program in which, if someone refers a friend once or twice, you can thank them with more than one big gesture. Instead of a single gift worth $100 up front, perhaps a $50 gift initially, and then the occasional $5 or $10 gift later on, could help keep you front of mind for longer.