3 perfect ideas for spring pop-by gifts after a sale

April 23, 2019

Real estate professionals know the value of a good pop-by gift, and for your clients who just bought a home, the right present can really help cement that great relationship for years to come.

Getting it right in the spring becomes a little easier because there are a lot of options applicable to the season, so here are some perfect - if unconventional - ideas:

1) Batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

The previous owners might not have gone through the house and replaced the batteries in their smoke and CO detectors, according to Marketing Real Estate. Dropping off a few packs of Double A's will likely be quite welcome because even if the alarms are in good shape, it's still useful to have a pack of batteries around the house.

2) Gardening tools

Many Americans love to go in the backyard and cultivate a garden full of flowers, fruits, vegetables and the like. Gifting new homeowners a fresh set of gardening tools will encourage them to get out there when the weather is good, and make use of their green thumbs.

3) Reusable bags

Spring is the time of year when Earth Day is celebrated, and encouraging homeowners to shop smarter by bringing reusable tote bags - perhaps branded with your agency logo, according to Referral Maker. This gives people the opportunity to both find opportunities to reduce their consumption and also show off that they are loyal clients.