3 great ways to improve your listing videos

May 24, 2019

People love to watch real estate listing videos because it helps give them more of a feel for the property before they even show up. How can you improve yours?

Here are three exciting ways to do so:

  • Lots of wide shots

People want to get a feel for the whole home, and if you're shooting a lot of close-ups of various features, that doesn't accomplish the goal of the video, according to Premium Beat. You can still include a few close-ups, but the main focus of a video should be highlighting entire rooms in the best light.

  • Highlight the neighborhood or community

When you're selling a home, you're not just selling the house itself. People want to know that when they move in, there will be plenty to do and they'll be part of a vibrant community. Intercutting footage of the home itself with that of nearby parks, restaurants or attractions can go a long way in a real estate video.

  • Invest in the right equipment

These days, most people know to have a high-quality camera and a good tripod, but have you invested in lighting or microphones to improve the quality of the video and audio? According to Inman, it's a great idea. A small lapel mic or umbrella light don't cost much, and will liven up your videos in ways you might not have expected.

One of the best ways to ensure your videos look great is to seek out inspiration. Check out other videos online and find those that really appeal to you. What do they have in common? What can you do to make your videos more like theirs? The sky's the limit.