3 great summer marketing ideas

June 21, 2019

Marketing with a little bit of a light touch tends to catch people's attention, and summer provides the perfect opportunity to be lighthearted and fun with your outreach.

Here are three perfect ways to do so:

1) Host a no-strings-attached cookout

A great way to better engage with your social media followers and past clients is to host a cookout where you can meet with people who are already interested in what you do, according to Agentfire. This may come with a bit of cost involved, but can also help you forge much better connections with people who may want to do business with you, or refer friends and family to do so.

This is great because it gets you out of "agent mode" and allows you to relax while still having a business purpose outside the specific real estate sales context.

2) Get involved

You can also do a little more this summer by volunteering at or sponsoring a local event, such as an Independence Day parade. It might also be smart to sponsor a local softball or youth soccer team, providing them with shirts and hats to wear, all with your firm's name emblazoned on the back. 

3) Make your newsletter about more than listings

People are always on the lookout for things to do in the summer, whether they have kids or not. With that in mind, it can be a good idea to have a part of your newsletter or one of your weekly social media posts devoted to local events like concerts or festivals, or simply some tips for having a good time at nearby state parks.