3 great real estate blog post ideas

March 15, 2019

Blogging is still a great way to make an agent's website or social media page stand out. Here are three useful topics visitors will want to click on:

1) "5 things millennials need to know about buying a home"

It's proven that people are more willing to click on numbered lists than other content, so use that to your advantage by targeting the biggest demographic of would-be buyers, according to Fit Small Business. Giving millennials - the vast majority of whom are first-time buyers - some quick, easy-to-digest information about what they need to prepare for that big purchase is sure to generate clicks.

2) "4 stats that show why [your market] is great for sellers"

The housing sector today often suffers from a distinct lack of sellers in the market, so it's wise to entice owners in your area to put their homes up for sale. Providing the latest statistics about your local market that make it a good idea to act quickly could help draw in more selling clients at a time when they're relatively rare. 

3) "Home affordability watch"

Conditions in the housing industry are always changing and people want to be able to find the latest information in one place, according to Leads Bridge. If you write a blog post every week about how home prices are rising in your area, or how mortgage rates are shifting, that can be a quick and easy way to get a few more clicks than you might have otherwise.