3 DIY ways to get your pool ready for summer

April 23, 2019

With summer nearly here, homeowners who are lucky enough to have pools need to start prepping for the heavy use they'll get in the next few months.

Here are three quick and easy tips to do so:

1) Clear the debris

This is a pretty obvious step, but pools need to be as free of yard waste and dirt as possible, according to Do It Yourself. Even a few leaves or sticks can do some damage to your pool's system, and if there's any left around the exterior of the pool, it can pose a hazard to your family or guests.

2) Get the water levels right

Pools' systems don't operate as efficiently as they should when there's either too much or too little water in there. As a general rule, you want to keep your water level to about the middle of your skimmer, which ensures fresh cycling all summer long.

3) Test the water

You also need to make sure your water is safe to swim in, according to Popular Mechanics. Just take a sample to the local pool store, or use a home testing kit, to ensure all the pH levels and chlorine mixtures are as they should be. If not, investing in the expert-recommended products to get everything just right is a must.

When you're getting your pool ready for summer, it's always a good idea to check for some online recommendations about how to tackle specific problems you may encounter. While there are plenty of solutions you can DIY, some require professionals to more fully address.